Resources for the District

As your Representative, I will do everything within my power to bring resources into our district.

Available grants

  • The Alabama Tourism Department has made available 5 grants per House district of $2500 to promote local and state economies. The grant is designed to attract out-of-state tourists and generate revenues by promoting attendance at community-wide special events. You can learn more at and email if you are interested in applying. *There is no guarantee of receiving funds and the final decision is with the Tourism Department.  
  • Also, on the resources page, under the Legal Representative subsection add this: Elder Law Clinic at Jones School of Law to help those 60 years or older with their wills and estates. You can call 334-386-7578 or visit for more information to see if you are eligible for the school to assist you. We are thankful to Jones Law School which is located in District 74 for offering this important service to the community!

as more grants come available

  • As more grants come available soon

Grants and Funding

Unlike City Councillors, Community Commissioners, and other elected offices, State Representatives in Alabama DO NOT receive discretionary funds to support local organizations or sponsor events/programs. (Those aforementioned leaders only receive some funds).

State Representatives only receive a very limited amount of education funding to specifically support local academic/education programs.

While I wish I could help sponsor and support every program, organization, event, etc. in the district, I simply do not receive the state funds to do so.

I am strongly committed to:

  • Sharing with you grants and funding resources from other organizations and entities.
  • When eligible, applying for grants or seeking funding for our district.
  • Advocating for funding in the state budgets for programs and initiatives that benefit our district.

If you have a financial need for your program, organization, or event, you can click here to submit this form and I will explore what – if any – resources exist. I cannot guarantee funding but I will do my best!

Resources for You

Social Services – you can call 2-1-1 or visit their website to speak to a live operator about rental assistance, utility bills, food needs, and more. There is no guarantee of assistance but they can look into options: 2-1-1 Connects Alabama

Legal Representative – you can contact these entities to see if you are eligible for free legal counseling or for referrals to an attorney:

Economic Opportunities – you can search these websites for jobs:

Government Officials – you can contact different government officials by searching these sites:

Health Care and Mental Health Services: 

  • Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority: 334-279-7830.
  • AL Dept of Mental Health Peer Support: 1-800-832-0952.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama: If you have insurance through BCBS you can search for counselors at
  • Medicaid: If you have insurance through Medicaid you can call their mental health services number to find out about counselors at
  • Medicare: If you have insurance through Medicare you can call the Alabama Department of Senior Services to ask about mental health services at 334-242-5743.
  • R.O.S.S. Recovery Center: Specializes in serving individuals battling or recovering from addictions. Call their peer support at 334-356-2890.
  • Montgomery Pride United Grief and Loss Support Group
  • If you or a loved one are experiencing suicidal thoughts, a mental health crisis, or need emotional support please call or text the 24/7 988 Lifeline Network.
It can take time to find the mental health services that are the best fit for you. Do not be discouraged if you need to search around to find what works for you!